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March 7 2012

2012-03-07 20:15:29 by SpiffyMasta

It's almost been two years since my last newspost. Time flies by pretty quickly I guess.

I've had time to get out of the Marines, graduate from college and get a job as a Human Resources Manager. Not too shabby.

You know it never ceases to amaze me how you can trace your life back to singular moments in time where you made a decision that put you where you are today. I can probably think of a few select choices I've made in my life where if anything was chosen differently I would not be where I am now.

Maybe it's just one of those philosophical debates that you can have about fate, and whether or not your choices really matter. Sometimes I like to think fate exists, but sometimes it's hard to imagine that if you really have free will, something will draw you back to where you're supposed to be going.

Feel free to comment on how this may be a similar feeling you might have. Or not.

Time to change my newpost!

2010-06-30 21:00:54 by SpiffyMasta

Summer is in full steam. I'm spending some time in Quebec, my home town, it's quickly reminding me why I loved it so much there. I am seriously considering moving back. Who could ask for better? It's the most beautiful town in North America (especially old town Quebec) has the best women in the World, and some of the best beer as well. I definitely think that could keep me happy for a while. We'll see how things go.

Anyways, I've got lots of fun things planned, so I should have a nice couple weeks ahead of me, then it's off to some great military training for a month in Camp Pendleton. It's gonna suck big time actually, but oh well it's only 28 days.

That's all for now, just wanted to refresh my page a little.

Blasting Agent Vid Walkthrough

2010-01-14 17:00:22 by SpiffyMasta

Back to table of contents

Godliest's in-depth FAQ

Blasting Agent - 170, 6 medals

Level 1 Hard

/* */
Level 2 Hard

/* */
Level 3

/* */


2009-12-29 21:07:42 by SpiffyMasta

I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan. Either hate me for it or don't, cause most people either love or hate the Cowboys. (It's american football for my English friends). I'm really ecstatic that they made the playoffs, but now I'm not sure whether I should be confident about their playing abilities or not. I guess most Cowboys fan probably feel the same way, cause the last few years, when we have gotten all excited about our team and how well they are suppose to play, they've disappointed us big time.

Oh and I'm not some bandwagon Cowboys football fan, my dad actually lived in Dallas, and to this day, they are the only pro football team I've ever seen play.

Test Drive

2009-12-27 03:31:54 by SpiffyMasta

Rank | Medal points | Username | Difference
1. 39165 | greeneggs4spam
2. 38495 | queenofbabes
3. 36985 | obesefeline | +5
4. 36955 | WonderTheHedgehog | +3
5. 36860 | urrad | +1
6. 36730 | Wylo | -3
7. 36305 | OkadaKenji | -3
8. 36265 | PikaRobo | +1
9. 36170 | DigDogy | -4
10. 35680 | OzzFestFreak2
11. 34805 | Nijsse | +3
12. 34620 | nosesocks | +5
13. 34460 | Uchi-Morales | -2
14. 34025 | Ray80 | -2
15. 33315 | matt-likes-swords | +4
16. 33000 | Misterioso | -1
17. 32970 | RHawk | -4
18. 32690 | chris-marks | +3
19. 32435 | omegaxtomxhanks | -3
20. 32395 | Godliest
21. 32055 | cohenramin | +2
22. 31750 | junkzm3 | -4
23. 31510 | Sonik-Team | -1
24. 31405 | ugolegend94
25. 31115 | theMEXICANTHIEF | +3
26. 30940 | HeavyTank | +1
27. 30495 | LegolaSS | -2
28. 30110 | Gooch | -2
29. 29065 | OneRedMage | +5
30. 28880 | Ego-Maniac | -1
31. 28855 | Lionel738 | -1
32. 28550 | Duffle | +4
33. 28480 | Narcissus
34. 28415 | Vandal2 | -2
35. 28320 | Lopingg | -4
36. 27850 | Tom-Araya | +7
37. 27720 | LiquidOoze | *NEW*
38. 27625 | tornadopilot2 | +1
39. 27615 | iga1 | +3
40. 27555 | Alex12345269 | +4
41. 27535 | portalwarpedJP | -6
42. 27380 | Hacsev | -4
43. 27365 | Magewout | -3
44. 27285 | WeirdAlthe3rd | -7
45. 27015 | coolblondman *NEW*
46. 26920 | EggSaladSandwich | -5
47. 26430 | Xenryusho | +2
48. 26295 | FurryFox | -3
49. 26080 | Eon2 | -3
50. 26015 | Luagor | -3




2009-11-30 00:56:03 by SpiffyMasta

I got myself that Dragon Age Origins game. It kicks ass. It's really a good hybrid between KOTOR and BG2 I have to admit.

For the D&D fanatics it probably isn't faithful enough to that kind of game, but I kind of like the new twist they put on it. I do get really annoyed though by the amount of talking there is, makes the game that much longer.

Anybody else got it? Comments?

[EDIT] 11/30/2009

The idiot that I am, I never realized I set my previous news post to approved comments only and therefore hadn't seen all you guys' comments til today (all 16 of them). If you were looking for a response, I finally got to it lol.

Rant of the month

2009-07-29 16:06:23 by SpiffyMasta

I hate this nasty disgusting heat. Some of you might not think it's very hot, it's only about 105 degrees outside, and yea I've been in worst heat too, but my house has no freakin ac, I can't open my windows cause they have either no screens on them or they are painted shut (yea my house sucks) so it's like as hot inside my house as it is outside. All I have is a stupid fan and I'm sweating just sitting down. Ridiculous.

At least when I've been in hotter weather, I've had ac where I was staying.


Duchess of York

2009-06-10 17:01:49 by SpiffyMasta

This is kind of old news, as it happened almost 3 months ago, but I finally just got the picture back that me and my fiancee took with Sarah Ferguson at an event she was hosting. We certainly look happier to see her than she does to see us in that picture haha.

It was a function that had to do with some benefit for hospitals of some sort, she does a lot of charity work. I got to go cause my lady works for the Hospital Network where she is from, and so she was representing them, and they were one of the main sponsors of the event. It was pretty much just a greet and meet, followed by the Duchess talking about her life and the foundation for about an hour and a half.

I must say at first I was very reluctant to go and I thought it would be boring as hell, but she is actually a very comical and interesting person to listen to. Plus I got free food and wine, so I can't complain there.

Duchess of York

The Classroom 3 medal guide and walkthrough

2009-06-04 17:25:06 by SpiffyMasta

This was copy pasted from the walkthrough by Freelance-Magician who is now unactive on Newgrounds. After going through it, I made a lot of adjustements. If you have anything to add or better strategies, feel free to let me know. We would rather host the walkthrough on a news post than on the BBS, like all the other ones so that we are able to make changes easily!

A lot of credit goes to him for making the basis of it but I did make a lot of changes!!!


Video Walkthrough at the bottom for those that hate reading.

The Classroom 3

Back to Table of Contents

Medals :
Learner (5 points) Go through the tutorial
Pervert (5 points) Go to Act 3 for explanation
Bully (10 points) Complete Act 3
Cheater (10 points) Complete Act 1
One Slick Kid (25 points) Complete Act 8
Veteran medal (25 points) Complete Act 7
Future Graduate (50 points) Complete the whole game in one run starting from the beginning without using passwords
Perfectionist (100 points) Complete the whole game in one run without getting caught once


Chapter 1: The Geek who betrayed me
Act 1: This is the first level where you have to cheat off the geek (yellow). The teacher (red) is sitting in the chair. She looks at her book, then, every once in a while, she slowly looks towards the geek. This is an easy level, just copy off of the nerd's paper while the teacher is looking at her book. Simply hide to the top right when she starts looking up, you'll have plenty of time to hide.

NOTE: This is the only level where you have to be touching the yellow geek to copy the notes, all other levels you have to stand next to the desk where the paper is!

Password: geekfoundation
Chapter 2: A life changing punch
Act 2: After the movie plays, get out of your seat and into the aisle, just go touch the geek once the teacher passes the aisle, he's sitting in the same place he was sitting in the first act. Than get back to your seat, do this very fast before the teacher looks at your empty seat.

Password: donalex
Act 3: You have to find the geek in this level. You just have to walk all the way down the hall until you see a person reading a book next to a water fountain. It's the geek, all you have to do is talk to him by getting close. To get the PERVERT medal, stop in the bottom horizontal hallway next to the couple kissing after the water fountain, just go close to them and move around until you get the medal.

Password: windowchecker
Act 4: This is an ordinary "copy off the nerd" level. You only have until the teacher gets back to her desk to copy off of the geek's paper. First, you have to rush up and above the teacher and start copying. Don't get close to the teacher and get as much copying done as you can. When she start swing her field of view (FOV) and it gets close to you, move to the right go around that desk and back down to the bottom right of the geek. Once she turns towards the window that's when you have to get the rest of your meter up. After that, she goes to her desk, and it's impossible to get it after that.

Password: classroomrunner
Act 5: Strategy from Sonik-Team

Wait until the teacher passes you, then go hide up next to the fountain until the teacher comes back up next to her desk. Once the teacher heads back down towards the middle row, get next to the geek and copy until your bar is full. You will have plenty of time as the teacher walks back and forth through the aisle to fill up. Then head to the following walls: left, top, right and back down to your seat.

Password: psychedman
Act 6: In this act, the teacher also walks in a pattern, which makes things easier. My strategy is to head straight right, copy until the teacher's FOV is pointed up, stick directly right against the wall in line with the teacher. If you stay to the right, the teacher will swing around her FOV too fast to get you caught. After she starts walking back up copy until your gauge is full. The FOV will swing again towards but keep copying you won't get caught. Just get to your seat, and you'll beat the act.

Password: fisherlike
Chapter 3: In the Present
Act 7: In this act, you have to sneak to the classroom, while not being detected by the security guards or the janitor. Unlike past levels, you can hide in the dark where enemies cannot spot you even if the green FOV is pointed towards you. You also have an eye at the top of you screen that closes if you're un-detectable and is open if you are detectable.

You start by going down the bottom of the hall, than turn left, where you'll see a security guard, run back to the dark corner, and wait for him to turn around. Then, go and hide in the dark spot next to the water fountain. While he's not looking, pass him. You'll then see the janitor that is easy to pass, just wait til the FOV disappears and rush into the dark.

After, you'll see two guards, who's visions are blocking your path, wait until they decide to get a smoke, and go to the very top of the hall, where there's a little bit of darkness. If you stay in the dark here there is another janitor that will come from behind and he might actually go through you but won't spot you. DON'T LEAVE this place until the guards leave completely, after, make your way to the glowing door.

Alternate, faster way by chris-marks

Go down and trigger the first guard, then hide in the shadows as per usual. When the guard turns around, follow him, but hug the bottom wall. He'll turn around away from you, and you can slip right past him.

Walk up the next hallway, hugging the right hand wall. You'll get to the janitor long before he looks toward you, so just go past him and walk right and up until you get to the two who have the conversation in the corner.

After they start moving, wait for them to start heading to the left. One of them will pause and glance down, so wait a bit, then walk with them, hugging the bottom wall. Get as far ahead of them as you can without entering their FOV. Keep going until you're directly under the classroom door, then wait. They both turn around away from you, and you walk right up to the door.

Password: boycoot
Act 8: In this act, you have to boycoot your test paper (I don't know exactly what this means, but I think it means you make it worst, because otherwise the story goes that you would get in trouble for having a good grade).

Go immediately left to the papers and start copying, it seems easy until the teacher walks in to grade them. Stay there copying until her FOV is becoming bigger. The best place to stand when she's grading is a little ways back, near the top of the class room. You only have a couple opportunities to get it, though. The first is when the teacher goes into her cabinet, stay close to the desk the whole time and she won't notice you. As soon as she turns around, go and copy. This should get you close to done, and get back to where the water fountain is. She will go back, scan the area around, go back to the paper then get up and go to the window. This is it! Get to the desk and finish copying, the head to the door. If your bar is not full she will walk out of the classroom and you will have to restart.

Password: cellularman
Act 9: This one is the hardest one, you have to be fast and precise. When it starts head quickly to the left, pause for a second, go up and copy until right after her FOV starts coming back towards the left. If you timed it right, this should be an instant before the cell phone rings. Once it does head up to the left of her desk. When she gets up from her desk, go around her to the top, get in the second aisle and head down the first row (top of the geek's desk). Wait just out of her FOV, when she turns to the left rush to the desk, copy for a little bit, then when she reaches the end of the desk, head right again.

Wait until she goes past the geek to get more copying done. Once she turns to the right, rush to the right, you will quickly cross the FOV but this won't get you caught. Once she heads back up wait right in front of the geek's desk, then slip behind her and finish copying. You'll need to finish getting it by the time the teacher goes back to her desk then rush back down to your desk, or else it'll be over as the teacher won't take her eyes of the geek.

Note: If you don't have your bar full yet, you can still fill it up as the FOV moves right enough for you to fill up your bar a bit at a time while the FOV is towards the right.

Password: theexcuse
Act 10: This one is VERY easy, just wait until the kid comes through the door, and go to the right of the geek, even when the teacher looks at the geek, she won't be able to see you. Just do this very quickly, and it's no problem if you're fast enough!

Password: crash
Act 11: The trick in this one is to quickly rush to the nerd in the beginning, by the time you get to him, the accident will have happened, and you will be able to get about half of your gauge full. When the last green circle gets up there, rush up close to the teacher to avoid the FOV. After that, quickly rush back to the nerd, her range moves around so fast, she barely notices you. Finish copying, then rush back to your desk. This can be hard, and may take you a couple tries but if you don't fill it up, wait for the teacher to get up the top, and you can fill the bar while she is looking towards the right. Make sure to go above her to get back to your seat.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you'll breeze through the game after some practice. I hope this walkthrough helps! Leave me your comments, questions, or anything you would like to add.


===================Video Walkthrough===================
Made by ME
Time location for each act
Act 1 : 0:39
Act 2 : 1:23
Act 3 : 1:45
Act 4 : 2:47
Act 5 : 3:17
Act 6 : 4:04
Act 7 : 4:44
Act 8 : 6:41
Act 9 : 7:41
Act 10 : 8:25
Act 11 : 8:49

/* */

The Arrow of Time Walkthrough

2009-05-14 14:23:52 by SpiffyMasta

The Arrow of Time by The-Super-Flash-Brothers

Back to Table of Content

Back to Sonik-Team's walkthrough

Completing the game (End of an Era)

Completing the game is easy, but can take some time. Don't worry about dying, since you simply start the level over and a few points are taken away. Upgrade only the fire arrows, explosion and piercing arrows at first. By the time you hit World at War you should buy the Bubble Shield defense, it comes in handy. You should be using piercing arrows instead of fire on the boss.

Usually you can just start with the Shield, then once it disappears, use the Defense Orb which is also a handy upgrade to buy.

If you keep dying, you'll still get points for the kills you get, so eventually you should be able to buy the Fortress Cloak and use that after the Bubble Shield is broken through.

Also buy upgrades for the homing arrows, these will come in handy for bosses.

To kill the boss at each level you should use either a combo of piercing and explosion arrows or a combo of piercing and homing arrows. Many arrows will not have an effect on him, so these arrows are key. If you have the extra turrets upgrade, go into options and select the click and hold method of shooting arrows and just spaz click your mouse button to shoot multitude of arrows at him and kill him quickly.

20 arrows on screen at once (Fight in the Shade)

If you used the previous method of piercing and homing on the boss with spaz click this will be easy for you. Either you will have already gotten it, or you will simply need to do the same on level 2 or 3 of Today's World. The homing arrows will simply fly around the enemies, and won't die since they are piercing. mwmike suggests to use the bubble shield and wait til there are a lot of enemies swarming around.

Don't forget to use the three turrets and click and hold instead of click and drag.

Buy all the upgrades (I Have the Power)

I don't think I need to walk you through this one. Just kill enough enemies on a level 2 or 3 of The World at war of Today's World. Apparently you get more points for killing your enemies as dinosaurs, so you can try the time arrows which will eventually get you the next medal.

Kill each type of dinosaur (Time Hunter)

Use the time arrows combo with explosion arrows on level 3 of The Beginnings. Doing this a couple of times will make you kill all the dinosaurs. Remember to do it on each type of enemy. If one type doesn't appear (often the flying bomber) go to the next era level 3 and do it again.

Kill the final boss in less than 20 seconds (Quickdraw)

Some may argue this is the most difficult medal to get, but I think it's pretty easy. Simply use a combo of homing and piercing arrows, with extra turrets activated and spaz click with the hold option on.

After a few tries you should get it. Click through the dialogue and options quickly and select your options as fast as you can because it counts in the time. I suggest setting your combo to the number 1, then quickly going through dialogue and pressing one. If you used the same combo in the previous level that you played, it should be set automatically.

It may take you a bit of time to get it right, but each time only takes about 30-40 seconds until you get down to the coveted 20.

Remember this is for the Boss of the Future Fantasy Era!

>>>>Congrats you have completed all medals for this game<<<<

The Arrow of Time Walkthrough